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Cloud Solutions

This sounds incredibly simple and it is. Starting with a domain name, a business can easily point to any IP address on the Internet. By purchasing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with assigned IP addresses, any type of operating system, database and web server software can be used to deliver a rich interactive application environment. Once the basic capabilities have been configured and made available, customers and business partners can access your system. More importantly, you and your employees can use the VPS to manage business operations anywhere accessible through your browser. While most of this is a reality that we are all aware of, think of how trivial it is to customize a web application to suit you and your customer's needs. By simply using what is easily available at commodity prices, a business can manage its entire operation from virtually anywhere using a laptop and broadband Internet connection.

Email is necessary but how does anyone get any real work done using it? There is no way to confirm anyone is reading it, and even worse there is no way to know if it is even understood. Often for small businesses, even having everyone in the office at the same time is a challenge. So how do you confirm an order has shipped or a new sales lead has been pursued?

Using the cloud is a very low cost solution, often lower than the cost of your Internet connection. Having the right web application can give you the ability to privately view your own business information from anywhere and anytime you need, as well as communicate with partners, employees, and customers. VANMETCO can integrate the right solution to make your business information available without the need to use social networking sites to store confidential information.

Customize your business website now to provide:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - keep track of every contact with your customer
  • Order Management - know what has been fulfilled and what is on hold. Provide individualized pricing and services for preferred customers.
  • Inventory - Keep track of stock and prevent back orders
  • Catalog Management - Tailor your offerings to present all the features of your product and services
  • Back Office Integration - Have existing Accounting and Inventory Management Software? No problem, just synchronize to your web presence.

All of these solutions have been available to those who have had the staff, resources, and time. Now is the time when a business can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost due to open source software and inexpensive virtual machines.

Become more competitive and increase your business capability without increasing staff!