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Integration Services

Integration is a well-kept secret among the web commerce gurus that keeps an organization's competitive advantage and also unlocks the true power of internet connectivity. A multitude of systems can be configured to work together, shielding the most sensitive information behind the firewall of your office and exposing only what you need your business partners or customers to see. The most successful way to use the cloud is to understand what information shouldn't be there and how to safeguard data while in transit. VANMETCO is a company that knows how to secure data with the latest encryption and site-to-site transfer methods to comply with commercial regulatory standards.

  • Secure file sharing and create a historical chain of custody for sensitive information
  • Build a workflow between business partners that provides an audit trail
  • Deliver information on internal processes like order fulfillment, shipping, and returns to website with giving access to backend ERP systems
  • Provide sales reps the information they need for their customers without stepping on competitive boundaries for inside and outside sales.
  • Give field offices the home office support they need without frequent visits from leadership