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Development Services

The primary development environment will be a Red Hat or CentOS Enterprise Linux using the classic LAMP architecture. LAMP Stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP which is a very versatile low cost development stack that can deliver full featured web applications. Since LAMP consists of open source products, the licensing costs are zero to the end user. Compare LAMP with using software and servers licensed by IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft and costs would be significantly higher and out of reach for most businesses starting out.

LAMP Explained:


Well suited for modern Internet servers including firewall, email, web, databases, and utilities to help manage server uptime and availability.


Best web server for the Internet and offers rich server-side scripting languages to create interactive applications. Also, includes encryption using SSL to support secure transactions to prevent prying eyes from intercepting important data.


Robust database platform used to support information storage for a website. Orders, catalogs, customer information can be stored in a MySQL database and retrieved to display on web pages - the possibilities are limitless. Also PostgreSQL, a more powerful database can be used when a website has a larger volume of users. Both databases can scale to larger than most business websites need and are completely free to use.


Good solid web scripting language that is easy to maintain. PHP is the main server-side interface between the web pages and the database. Other choices exist like Python or Ruby, but PHP is good enough for practical purposes.