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Consulting Services

Contracts can be as short as a few hours to longer engagements defined by the scope of work to be performed. Projects are estimated in hours of work performed and other fixed costs like materials, also known as a Time and Materials or a T&M contract.

Getting Started:

  1. Please fill out this questionnaire
  2. Initial consultation - to get an overview of the services required, and to provide general pricing and time estimates including after delivery support.
  3. Define scope of project - what, when and who performs the work
  4. Define acceptance criteria - for completion of the project milestones
  5. Project Schedule - tracking work and delivery times
  6. Acceptance - confirm work performed and provide invoicing and payment
  7. Deploy milestone - continue work or conclude project
  8. Support ongoing maintenance - to stabilize or troubleshoot unforeseen issues

About William Van Meter:

Picture of Bill Van Meter

I am an experienced database and web professional since 1996 delivering internet based applications for retail, manufacturing, regulatory, environmental, scientific, financial services, oil and gas, solar, hydrogen, wind, and marketing analytics. My specialties are integration of web technology and databases to enterprise applications. I chose to start VANMETCO because I see an opportunity to help small businesses achieve equal footing in the use of the Internet that used to only be available to the well-financed.

Phone: 303-726-3478